Friday, February 3, 2012

Why does time seem to pass so quickly?

Time really seems to pass super fast. I find that time seems to be going by really fast. Yeah, really. I mean for example, you wake up in the morning like "Oh crap, today is going to be so long" but by the end of the day you're like "Woah...where did the day go?". The conclusion I have come to is either you're having tonnes of fun (time flies when you're having fun) or, you simply can't remember in enough detail of what happened during the day that you think time has gone by really fast. Like, think about it. During that really boring conversation with that guy you know, do you remember all that he was saying? Probably not. If you had a maths class today, do you remember what the professor was saying 30 minutes into the lesson? Probably not. My theory is that, we perceive time by what we are experiencing. That's why when you're living that 2 hour maths lesson, it seems really long. It's because you're currently experiencing what's happening, you haven't forgotten. But once you can't remember what happened during that 2 hour period (like, you only remembered 30 minutes of the lesson) then it seems like time went faster. We only remember 30 minutes of the lesson, then our perception of time shifts with our memory of what happened. Am I making sense?

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