Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kinda story time: Facebook vs reality

   Ok children (speaking to kids), today I will tell you a kinda story. It's called a kinda story because it's not much of a story as an observation.
A few days ago I got some of my friend's Facebook photos and GIMP'd (a free Photoshop-ish thing) some really gimp photo together (Unfortunately, the monkeys at the server screwed up and you can't see it anymore. lol jks I'm just protecting privacy). I'd like to say that it was commented on by tonnes of people but it wasn't. A few of my friends said a few things and stuff and the guy who's photos I took was making a minor big deal about it (like, a big deal that isn't really that big of a deal). That's still an exaggeration.
   Anyway, the next day no one said anything about it even though it definitely seemed like the guy wanted some clarification on the photo-montage I made. So I had to bring it up and it was an ok conversation. But that's not the point. The point is that it seems that Facebook and reality are in two different worlds, even though one clearly exists in the other. It's like Fight Club or something. If you argue on Facebook/have a really awesome discussion, you won't talk about it when you meet the next day.
   I legit spent 10 minutes of my day (not in one period) asking people if they saw the picture and what they thought of it. I also asked for feedback on what to improve. But, they all kinda acted like it was a weird question to ask (don't worry, I'm kinda known as a weird guy), like I was asking about their sister they had never told me about. Like "wtf, u tolkin about Facey (Facebook) irl ayyy?" but not actually like that because my friends aren't douchebags.
   But I digress: Everyone acts like Facebook is a whole different world and what is brought up in that world stays there. This photo thing isn't the only instance of this happening, otherwise it'd be called "Me complaining that no one appreciated my fine art".

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