Friday, February 24, 2012

Story time: Broseph

Hey Kidz!
Let's hope Broseph never actually sees this.
Just introducing the characters of this story time.
There's this guy at our school that we all call "Broseph". He's kinda tall, kinda fat (he admits it so it's ok to say), and he rarely gets aggro. Oh yeah, he can be annoying as hell when he wants.
Our second character is called (for the sake of the story) "Cable". He gets pissed really easily and goes rage. Like remember that video of the German kid raging after losing Counter-Strike or something? Yeah like that. He also punches really well (first hand experience).
Our supporting characters are "Library drifters" because they hang around in the library. I'm one of them.
I'll first tell the story from my POV.
I'm chilling around (in the library) when I head loud swearing and random death threats like [Show profanities] and stuff like that.
Anyway I didn't see the whole thing myself, but after a bit of investigating here's what I gathered.
Broseph had been annoying Cable when Cable starts shouting at Broseph and making a general commotion. Broseph just stands there. Cable then punches Broseph four times in the head/teeth. Broseph just stands there (possibly in shock) and Cable screams threats as they're broken up by a guy I know (that plays Starcraft and is a major game nerd/occasional jerk). The library is on fire with the event and everyone's talking about it. Apparently Broseph got a fractured tooth. I haven't had the chance to speak to the man himself, but Broseph hang around the same areas so it shouldn't be too hard.
I think the most important part of the whole thing is that Broseph didn't punch back. While a bunch of guys called him a pussy for not fighting back, you have too keep in mind; it's a lot harder to not punch back when you're angry and you've been hit. I wholeheartedly congratulate Broseph for his control and skillz.
It seems that the most violent place in the school is the library. Hardly a day goes my when there isn't a minor scrap/rage up in there.

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  1. I would have been alot quicker if broseph just just kicked Cabel in the balls or something d(*-*)b