Sunday, February 5, 2012

No need to sleep

It's kinda annoying when it's getting late at night and you need to go to sleep, but you don't feel like sleeping. Why does this happen!?!?!??!!!!!! YYYAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm like "hey, I have school tomorrow. It's 9:30. I could probably stay up til' 10:30. No biggie". But then I realize I actually don't have anything to do, so I just sit there browsing sites that I just checked 5 minutes ago, looking for something to do. D:
WHY DO I WASTE MY TIME SO NEEDLESSLY? I could be using that half hour to study or something. But no! Instead, I decide "Let's refresh the page, someone will probably have posted something new by then". Then I repeat for about an hour or so until my eyes feel like lead balls and I force myself to bed. Is this internet addiction? Far out!

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