Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why do people watch dramas and reality TV shows?

This was a question that I used to ask myself alot. Like, "Why would you bother? You have your own life to worry about and everything." and "It's so boring! A nice Bruce Willis movie is much better." It probably wasn't until this year that I realized why people watch dramas and reality TV shows. People that don't watch these shows will say it's because we want to live someone else's life or something. But it sure doesn't feel like that when I watch them.

It's something more like, there is a story here to be told and since it involves real people that are not completely scripted (and therefor feel organic). With cameras filming real people, it's not like reading a book where you know when it ends and when you need to start feeling disappointed because it's ending.
Also, watching the people in reality TV is just like watching/reading your favorite story but in super detailed form. For example, if you're some guy who's addicted to Harry Potter, you'd want to watch what he does in his average day right? Not just a shortened version with only the important stuff but also the stuff in between, like him talking to his pals and having a great time or whatever makes you happy as an addicted fan.
Once you start empathizing with the characters, you start kindof living through them. Not in the sense that you want their life but you want to enjoy the same good times that they had with their friends and so on.
I mean, what's better? A. Watching a movie or B. Watching a whole television series of your favorite characters having fun and chilling out
It's a bit like how you watch a movie and then, after a while you start liking the actor more than the movie (but if you're a cult follower of the movie, your most likely next stage is fanfiction *shudder* and then eventually, character shipping *really big shudder*) Then you start looking up background info on that actor/actress and then you become so obsessed with them that you wish you knew EVERYTHING about that person (which is when you start looking at reality TV shows).
C'mon, I don't watch that! Puh lees. What do you think I am?
In many cases, this can lead to an obsession so absolute that you want to be them (and to an extent you want to believe it too). Terrible to say, but its something that the fans can't control. If you're naturally like that, the best thing to do is just to keep away from it.
hehe. LUCKLY for me, the more I watch reality TV shows of things I like, the less I become obsessed with it because I see the underlayer of the outside superstar  and I'm like "Yeah...not as awesome as the outside suggests..."

I guess another reason people like to watch dramas and reality TV is that, straight up, it provides you and your pals something to gossip about like the gossipy gits you are. Now, I've never had that delightful chance before but I imagine that it would be a rather addictive conversation that could drag on for hours until the next episode airs. It's also a quick way to make friends if you both watch the same show.
But for whatever your strange reason for liking dramas/reality TV shows are, you have to admit. They're damn addictive and kinda hard to stop watching. Kinda? I mean freaking damn hard.


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