Thursday, January 5, 2012

Attraction Levels (towards females, that is)


This is how I grade attraction to females in my odd mind. I have four different categories and each one has 3 different ever shifting levels. There are Hot, Beautiful/Pretty (beautiful is leaning a bit towards "hot"), Cute, Personality.
I was totally going to make a proper chart for this but Im a major slacker, so I think that can come later.
AAnnd the stuff from "Pretty" is from a friend of mine, since I have no experience.

Categories: Hot Pretty Cute Personality
Level 1: "Dayum!" *Sigh...* Awwww! Talking non-stop
Level 2: "I'd tap 'dat" Sharing a cake omg that's cute REALLY good friends
Level 3: *Writes new chapter
in Karma Sutra*
Romantic kiss under
midnight fireworks
I guess you could 
get married

You know you want it...
And I mean, totally, you could get married in any category but in terms of long lasting-ness, personality match is your best bet. And it is possible for someone to be in multiple categories, unless it's contradictory. Like, someone who is Kawaii and Karma Sutra level is kinda impossible. I mean, how will you be able to take them seriously in bed looking like Hamtaro?

Don't take this whole thing seriously though, listening to me talking about this is like believing the Samus Aran is a guy. Trust.

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