Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Re-organisation of "levels of attractiveness (to females)" announcement!

You probably don't remember that the first post I ever made on this glorious blog was something vaguely to do with attractiveness levels in regards to females. Well, now that you know, I'm informing you (dear, wonderful reader) that I'm in the process of reworking that scale to more appropriate graduations! In normal words, this means that I'm putting in more numbers so that I don't have to explain to someone what "level 1.23" is on the "pretty" scale. Ideally, this new scale will be from 1 to 100 and split into four sections. Each section (consisting of 20 (can't math) 25 levels each) will be under one section. Make sense? The section is the word definition of that group of levels and the levels within the group will determine the "severity" (? sounds like a punishment) of the definition. E.G (using the existing system): Victoria is level 25 in the 'cute' category. This means that (using the word definition) Vicky (huehuheheh) is classified as the highest level of "Awwww!". 

Something else I'm also thinking about is if I should change the word definitions of each level... Not sure though. I kinda like how dumb the names are. Hahaha, past me. So stupid. 

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