Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Attraction Levels (towards females, that is), again

Yo, busta! I mean, chicken nuggets or something. You gotta keep thinking about what you're got next, so what I HAD next, and what I have now, is the NEW ATTRACTION LEVELS CHART! Aight, so as explained last time, I got a 1-100 scale divided into 4 sections. You may have noticed (or my not have, whateverr, depending on how much/little you care) that this in 1 up from the previous 3 (4 comes after 3, like...1, 2, 3). That means that I'll be implementing a new "bottom tier". I decided to put it at the bottom cos the lower section descriptions of the old one were uhh...I dunno... yeah I'm just gonna put in a bottom level because I can.

Aight we go~ (gahhh I had to copy-paste the HTML table from the original post cos I now suck at HTML)

Categories: Hot Pretty Cute Personality
Level 1 (1-25): O.O o.o :3 Get to know each other
Level 2 (26-50): "Dayum!" *Sigh...* Awwww! Talking non-stop
Level 3 (51-75): "I'd tap 'dat" Sharing a cake omg that's cute REALLY good friends
Level 4 (76-100): *Writes new chapter
in Karma Sutra*
Romantic kiss under
midnight fireworks
I guess you could 
get married's kinda difficult to think of new names for level 1 cos I don't have the same dumb innocence as I did before. Man this suxxxxxxxxxxx~ I just ended up typing some random junk in. I mean c'mon, 3 of them are emoticons! Though this is kinda smart cos the emoticons are being used for superficial elements. Hmmm... *smug satisfaction* *self-amelioration (not to be confused with self-immolation)*. I think this'll do for now though. Hehehehe, have fun, you doofus!

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