Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Attraction ends

Possibly one of the best feelings in the world for a number of human beings (I can't verify the exact number because I haven't exactly gone ahead and interrogated everyone) is the feeling of being "freed" from something. Like in all those prison stories, the protagonist almost always talks about how great it is one he is free or something like that. Maybe that was just Shawshank Redemption....yeah....

In anycase, Blue's first period of attraction is over! Yay! This is the best kind of freedom - being free from something you can't physically free yourself from. Y'know, if you're locked up somewhere, you can kinda force your way out or something (except from prison cos y'know, that's illegal). But when the "trapper" is in your mind, you can't really be free of it just with simple physical effort. You need mental changes. And...this I suppose would classify as a sort of celebratory post of my (most likely) effective overcoming of the first period of attraction. Huzzah! All the best for the future, fellow hormone addled humans! 

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