Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friendships - breaking point

I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but there's a point in your friendship (with a friend, obvs) that you get to where things aren't like they used to be. Not in the "you know what I mean way." I've never had a girlfriend, but I imagine that things are kinda like this when you're about to "break up" (of course, I have no experience, so don't take me seriously here).
Basically, after we came back from camp, me and my friend started talking a bit less and stuff like that. I'm a bit of a sensitive, so I noticed this really easily. I kinda felt like "things aren't going that well". Of course, I didn't say this, it's not like we're married or something, but I started to figure some stuff out. E.G, the clingier you get in your relationship, the faster and harder it will fall. I find that this happens in a variety of situations. For example, in China, religion is governed very strictly and being religious puts you out of favour of the government. However, the growth of religion in China (by percentage) is much larger than the growth of religion in countries that don't have such restrictions.  The Chinese government tries to hold religion in a tighter fist, but it slips from their grasp and grows.
I basically figured out that I was becoming a really clingy friend that doesn't lay off peoples backs (think of the girlfriend meme). So I just decided to go back to my old thought process of doing whatever the hell I wanted and putting less consideration into other people stuff. Not in a bad way, I mean like, stop asking how they are or how their dinner was etc. What I basically used to do was lord over all of my friends and act kinda like the alpha male. I thought I was being too controlling, but after this, I've figured out that male friendship groups require that one douchy, mildly loud alpha male that dominates conversations to run smoothly. In the good way, of course.

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