Thursday, August 2, 2012

About writing in blogs

The way I like to write my blog is to write whatever I like, kinda like a diary, and the post it. I find this more relieving than writing in a real diary because for one, I'm typing it, and the other thing is that it's on the internet. This makes me feel like people are paying attention, regardless of how many views and comments I actually receive.
Some people write about games and have game review blogs or movie review blogs or even K-pop devotion blogs that host countless number of illegal files from their favorite artists. I find that writing about random ideas that come into my mind is rather satisfying. I like typing as well.

1 comment:

  1. I like typing as well, so typing long things such as Reviews really help me feel productive within a day. If I type up a long, 5 paragraph story or explanation, it makes me feel so much better and inspires me because I'm not a really talkative person in-person nor do I show my real smarts in-person but on paper (In this case, my blog, or elsewhere), I feel the smartest that I feel inside of my head.