Sunday, September 2, 2012

The feeling of attraction is mildy annoying...

I know for a fact that I'll sound really gay, abnormal and "why...would you even" to most guys (I don't know about girls, they seem to be more emotion based), but I'm going to talk about an annoying thing with...attraction.
As a starter, I'm a pubescent male that's currently going through, as you might have guessed, puberty. I've actually never had a girlfriend for a multitude of reasons. On of with is I simply can't be bothered. I have better things to do than indulge in talking to a female that I find important. Study > female relations. It's harder to learn when you're older anyway. This'll make some of my information seem lacking in credentials, but remember, I'm just talking about my experience, not whatever sk8terladd291YOLO24123one thinks is swag bra.

Sometimes when I'm browsing around the internet (or in real life, but more often on the interwebs, as all the stuff is packed into the form of a electronic signal displayed on a 15inch LCD), I'll see a picture. It's not a normal picture either. It's a picture of a rather pretty lady. Not sexy, not cute (referring to my first post on attraction), but pretty. Somewhere around lvl 2-3; so like...maybe...~2.5? I'm not going to give an example picture of this because "it'll make you [me] seem really sad...". But you probably get the point.

So I see a pretty picture. All of a sudden, overwhelming feelings of sadness and loneliness well in my heart. I suddenly feeling like going out into the world and finding a girlfriend. Not in the sense that "woah, bro, I need to have a quickie" but like "I require a strong companion relationship with a female". 
I think I read something like this in one of the Tales of the Otori books (by Lian Hearn, a fictional period book. Not the biological period, you sick bastard. The era type.). There was a quote made by a female character regarding how men react to her beauty and the beauty of the major female character (who is meant to be really beautiful). I don't remember the exact quote, but the idea was something like "When men see me, they lust and wish to sleep with me. When men see [her], they weep for they can not hope of ever reaching her." I guess kinda like "GOML" (internet) or "She's out of your league." (Real life)

You could say that I'm experiencing the same thing as those weeping guys. I'm not the type of guy that gives out a manly grunt of "YEEAAHHH!" while simultaneously thrusting the air when I see an attractive woman. I'm delicate about this sort of thing. I'm...hmm...cultured? I don't know. I'm sure many women can look at this post and be like "wow...creep". But hey, it's my honest opinion. Who's going to sue me for it? *Maybe China if I was in China*

Yeah so...feelings of loneliness and needing companionship. Maybe I just need someone to talk to? In any case, these frustrated feelings die out after a few minutes. On with life!

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