Thursday, March 29, 2012

On holiday

It's a weird feeling being on holiday. All of a sudden, I have nothing to do for the next two weeks. Most people are like "HUZZAH!!" and all, but I've got nothing really to look forward to. My first holiday impression was dampened after being told I'll get dropped from my scholarship if I don't pick up my school grades by the school headmaster. I know it's true, but I feel terrible about it. I'm going to try study a lot and learn new things this holiday but I can't shake the feeling that it won't work or something.
I also have this really big assignment over the holidays that I almost have no idea on how to start on.
I just got back from watching The Hunger Games (yes, I've read the books ages ago. I'm not jumping on the band-wagon) and I'm still kinda out of reality. When I watch movies, I get really into them. If I liked it, I can't stop thinking about it for a few days and I pretty much obsess over it. It's kinda annoying.

Finally, I'm not sure why, but I've got a sudden urge to listen to 'Oh!' by SNSD...

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