Sunday, March 4, 2012


It seems that Beats by Dre. are a really popular brand of headphones. Everyone raves about how awesome they are and then get fakes from Hong Kong because real ones are overpriced. I've heard the sound quality of real ones and they're not that great. Perhaps the only model that lives up to expectations are the Studio Beats. Everything else sounds the same as $60 headphones you could get from JB-HIFI. To be honest Bose and Sennheiser provide a better quality sound, but only half the glamour of your average Beats. I'm not sure if the same can be said for the rest of the Monster produced headphones (Beats are manufactured by Monster) but I'd rather not waste my $200+ dollars on testing it out.


  1. It's just good marketing. Get a good promotional figure like Dr.Dre and add slightly better than average sound quality and you get Beats. I'm sure they're the same quality as Gummy headphones sold at local Walmart's. I'm pretty positive when I tell you this: Dr. Dre most likely didn't even make them. He's just the promotional figure who get's probably 47% of the profit.

  2. There's also Soul by Ludacris which I guess is pretty much the same. It is rather good marketing.