Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things are better than they seem

Regardless of all the obstacles I've faced in the past unspecified time - ranging from an ongoing lifestyle hampering medical condition and mega-moodiness to somewhat mentally scarring social interactions (in part, no doubt, a side effect of the moodiness) and a pile-up of pressure to succeed in my final year of high school - I find that life is pretty satisfactory. Man, I mean, I'm not gonna say stuff like "things could be worse" cos that's a rather pessimistic view of things, but I think/feel (maybe? huehueheuheue~) there's just other things to focus on. Take hackysack for example. Like many activities, it is repetitive and addictive. Actually...a lot of repetitive things are addictive....jeez...but I digress, hackysack is kicking a little knitted sack of beads around or whatever and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) it brings me great joy. You go like, one, two, three, waoooohhh sorryyyyyyyyy ya hacky god. Such haxx. Much saxx. Ehh... it doesn't sound that good... whatever. I think (I use this "I think too much, I have to find a better one) that finding new things to do is really a good way to "let go". Too often I'm busy avoiding doing new things and I miss out on all the opportunities that don't just present themselves if you don't actively go and find them. Jeez, drinking oolong tea and playing hackysack is like...god-tier on my list of "bunch of crap to do".

Basically, don't dig yourself into a hole by not finding new things to do. Maybe you might feel satisfied with what you're doing for yourself now, but you'll never know if it's the best if you don't know what else you can do. Ehh that sentence was kinda sucky. Lets try that again. If you don't try anything new because you feel like you're satisfied with what you already do, you'll never know if there are better things that you can do. Ehh....sounds kinda preachy. What about...."Do something new cos you might like it better." I think that's more simple to remember.

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