Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mega super busy!

Gahhhh!!! So mega super busy!
It's the last year of high-school, so there's a whole lotta pressure to do as well as you can. I mean, pressure on yourself if you're willing to. You can totally just bunk off and not really actually do any of the work, but that's your prerogative. I'm sure I used that incorrectly, but I've been dying to use that line for ages. By ages I mean like...since last week or something.
As usual, I haven't been posting much. I'm pretty occupied with stuff that isn't this blog and I'm sure I'm disappointing ALL my readers out there. Loljk no one reads this. Not even Pawpaws. Hahaha I can dog out pawpaws and they won't even ever know cos they don't read this blog. I can't dog out zillas in case they do...
My most recent craze (in equal craze power to when I was obsessed with BlueJamK and 2NE1) is organisation. Every single day I fill out the entirety of my planner page for the day. Filled to the brim with homework or study I should do for that night. Obviously, I don't actually get it all done, but I do it for 3 reasons:
1. It's my latest craze, c'mon. I'm obviously just going to do it cos I can.
2. It feels like I am accomplishing something.
3. It sets a clear goal for me with no questions about it.

There you go. I'm really just typing whatever comes to mind atm....gahhhh blahblahblah.....~~
Superduper OK!
I know I won't be leaving here with youuuuuuuuuuuuuU~~~~

I just got a wallplanner, which is essentially a calendar in poster form, for the entire year. It's a really cool design that manages to fit the entire year onto one surface, with each of the months occupying only one line. I set about setting it up - filling in due dates, birthdays and such - and then started crossing out past days with a really nice black pen that I found in my bag from a few years back (shame it's running out though). Looking at the wall of black crosses, it kinda dawned on me how short the year looks when you put it all on one page. This kinda brings back old memories like "I wish I could relive grade 7!" and "I wish I went to a co-ed school so I could be not a crazy hawker/beggar around females!" but then you realise, the best thing you can do it do what you can now in the present so it won't happen in the future! Yeah!! Go! You can do it! Fighting! Add oil! Just do it!~~~!!

Anyway..yeah year looks short. But hey! That means life's next great adventures aren't far away!

Ramble ramble burr burr~
I hope there isn't an alien invasion....

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