Sunday, January 13, 2013

Foul mood

I'm in that mood where anything anyone says directly or indirectly to me will irrationally aggravate me. Not even like, an annoying sibling talking to me. Maybe said sibling is talking to someone outside, but shouting. Maybe someone is opening my door to put something there. Maybe someone downstairs is calling me. It frustrates me sometimes. Of course, this is highly irrational and it's not something to want.
What isn't as irrational is when a sibling waltz's into your room and starts trying to talk to you and roll on your bed whilst simultaneously learning a dance routine from a kids show from Youtube. It's even worse when the sibling is discussing his/her insecurities such as "being a bad dancer" and "not being able to sing as good as Beyonce" or "I'm not built enough". What's even worse is that the sibling is your senior and is meant to be a fully capable member of society as a legal adult. No, sibling, I don't want to hear what you thought about how ugly you think you look (despite me reassuring them that they look fine many times) while I'm working and listening to music. It somehow makes it more annoying when I hear the voice of my sibling over the music. It manages to add a irritating noise that you are forced to listen to but you try to mute it out.
Please, it's called "personal space". If I want to be solo for a bit, just chill. I have stuff to do, you have stuff to do. Don't come into my room with that track record of yours.

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