Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fan girls/boys

 I started writing this post a while ago. I think this was during the time where I was in the "I'm so cool and unique, liking K-pop but simultaneously bashing it. I wonder if anyone will ever know true maturity and literature grace like me? I'm so radical, pulling away from liking K-pop. Better get on my level, nubfegs."
But still, that's an exaggeration. Creepy fans are still creepy.

Once you become exposed to an industry that is largely superficial (in particular, the music and film industry), you start to notice fans that take it too far. There are many names for fans like this, including various sub-fan types. However in general, they're called "fangirls" or "fanboys". They indulge in obsessive stalker-esque behaviour, including but not limited to, literally falling in love with the target of fandom, non-stop praising the targeted fandom regardless of its faults, finding out where the target lives (if it's a person) and subscribing to 5+ fanwebsites including (but not limited to) twitter, Facebook, official fansite, unofficial fansites. This might not sound like much, but you have to see it to believe it (putting it colloquially). They type in ALL CAPS and scream about their favourite artist (music industry). Variations of this are in existance, for example: no caps, no punctuation, porr speiling, grammar bad,

And that is where I ended. I never got around to finishing this and the thoughts and feelings illustrated here are from a slightly different person. Y'know, time ages you like cheese and wine until you're a certain age. Then you age like bad wine and turn to vinegar. Thanks Uncle Marcellus.

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