Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Final year of high school

This is my final year of high-school. This is where more than a decade of education has led to. For this year, it feels like the end of a long era of both good and bad times. An era where life was the easiest. An era where life is carefree and relaxed and good friends are easy to come by. Sometimes I wonder, especially after meeting a bunch of new people and really enjoying it (I was a bit of a shut-in in earlier stages, I'm sure), if I have ever wasted too much of my time not fully enjoying myself or trying new things. Also I wonder how much I have changed as a person over the years. Looking back at the first posts I made in BlueJamK and in this blog, I feel a big difference. Maybe a bit moodier? Maybe a bit more mature? I don't know to be honest :p Sometimes I wonder if I'm even the same person, really. I mean...you don't usually notice it, the changes I mean, but once you've recorded fragments of your personality on paper or online, the differences are a lot easier to spot. I don't really worry about this though, regardless of this thinking. It's only natural that I would change over time. 

I think I read/heard about/something that Aristotle (I checked online, ok?? It's Aristotle.) supposedly said (you can't realllyyyy be sure that it was him that said it), “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Ignoring the "excellence" part for now, you are what you repeatedly do. I think this is a very good idea to have in your mind. This way, you can know when you're acting off (you do things that you do in low frequencies) or if you're changing as a person (also, knowing that habit is your personality, you can now know how to and when to change negative things that are growing in your personality). 

I'm not really sure why I added that previous paragraph in....I knew it was going to lead onto something in this paragraph but I went browsing and then lost my train of thought....gahh...

In any case, reflecting on some stuff like "what I've been doing in the last decade" and "lolwutchickenbutt", I've come up with a bit of a list of goals for this year. You know what's good about this list? It's not a "New Year's Resolution" thing, so it has less chance of failure. Hehehehe MASTERPLAN. u no it. u nooooo ittt~~
Aight, the list. Some reasons for some of them as well.

  1. Improve my handwriting (I've been meaning to improve it for years, I even read my diary from 3 years ago and I was still going on about it)
  2. Maintain a consistent diary (I keep kinda a diary, but it's really all over the place. Some have complete years of gaps between entries. I find keeping a diary is entertaining in the future (also for reflecting on), for instance, I recently spent a portion of a "all nighter" reading my diary to someone.
  3. Improve my consistency in personality (I can get moody sometimes or get mood swings that last for a few days, I think this might have to do with my hormones or something. Maybe sleeping late affects my mood...(actually, I'm dead sure it does). This mood thing is alright around my long term friends, but it's really bad for when I'm meeting someone for the first time (like recently))
  5. Increase my pool of hobbies (I've given up gaming so much and opted for going out more with friends and doing other hobbies in my solo time. Dancing is fun.)
  6. Get mad sick at dancing (Dancing is fun)
  7. Get sick mad at dancing (Dancing is fun)
  8. Think about how mad and sick I'll actually become
  9. Go to karaoke 
  10. Find a way to accurately complete this list (I think I have more to write here, but I can't think of all the things I want to do right now. But this will do for now)
Complete the final year with confidence! 

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